A dialogue-based curriculum for interdisciplinary environmental science:
Train students to respond effectively to different values and perspectives


Empower Your Students

Challenge your students through structured dialogue and guided reflection.


Appreciate Different Perspectives

Develop your skills as a professional scientist and environmental decision-maker.

"Paired with our readings and discussions on epistemology, it was a wonderful way to help each of our interdisciplinary students recognize their own perspectives that they bring to their research and their practice."

- John Kerr, Michigan State University

What Motivates Us

  • Fostering Understanding
    Help interdisciplinary teams understand how their methodologies and expertise can impact non-scientists.
  • Starting Effective Collaboration
    Teach how interdisciplinary collaboration addresses complex environmental problems.
  • Empowering Instructors and Students
    Prepare students and instructors to work alongside collaborators and with diverse audiences and values.
  • Facilitating Better Conversations
    Cultivate effective interdisciplinary collaborative skills through structured peer dialogue and self-reflection.
  • Impacting the Future
    Create a framework to impact future decision-making and problem-solving in environmental research.
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